Friday, December 10, 2010


I remember how excited I was in the summer when TH had signed with a team in Holland.  Him having his Dutch passport and now with little A having his, I felt like Holland was somewhere where the Harrison family needed to experience.  
The other reason was my strange love for windmills and cheese.
TH left first and A and I left on Sept 12th, 2010.  The city we were living in was called Zoetermeer and it was pretty much a great location and had everything we loved and needed.  
Little A and I walked everywhere and after only 2 months I felt like this was somewhere where we could stay another season.
The hockey... well... not the best I've seen and lets just leave it up to players to experience that themselves.  
I enjoyed watching the game and sharing our love for hockey with our son. 
After that 2 month point though... things started to crumble... week by week.  
I started to worry and I was ready for TH to pull the plug and find something else.. 
I had a feeling things were going to go south FAST. 
There was a day when I was very upset and was waiting for TH in the hallway, 2 people who I won't name came up to me and one put his hand on my shoulder and said.. 
"do not worry Harrison Family, it will work out for you, just trust us"
SO we did...  how do you look someone in the eye and touch their shoulder and LIE.
Anyways... 6 weeks later here we are in Serbia, not HOLLAND..

I do not regret my time in Holland nor do I hold grudges. 
Lets move on.
I met some great people who I will hopefully get to see again in the next hockey seasons.  There were so many people who went out of their way for us and for that I am grateful

That is basically the low down of how we ended up in Serbia but I think there is another reason.
I am not sure what it is yet but it feels like this was meant to be when I start piecing things together.

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