Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here Doggy Doggy.... yikes

I love dogs.  
When I got here about a week ago one of the first things I noticed was all the dogs around.
At home when you see dogs walking without leashes you figure that the owner is right beside them.. the only dogs I really worry about are the ones that are on the roads. 
This is when I would normally pull over and try to lure them into my car for safety and then drive around looking for their frantic owner.
Last summer I couldn't do this because I don't trust dogs in my car when little A is back there in his seat.
There are so many dogs here.
Then when I was talking about it with my friend TI, she told me about how there is a stray dog problem here and even dogs with collars are sometimes stray because the owners leave them out on the streets.
Then after she opened my eyes...
I started noticing that the dogs were homeless strays.
On the way into the rink I witnessed a dog fight.. doberman vs. popular tv dog (fluffy grey and white)..  the gm of the team scared them off and then laughed at me and how fast I pushed A into the doors of the arena.
On the way home that night... many dogs were crowed around the garbage bins looking for food.  
Kinda scary seeing many dogs together.
While this is still a serious problem in Serbia they are taking steps to control the problem.  
They have started teaching in the schools that it is wrong to abuse animals.  
They have developed laws that you cannot kill dogs on the street anymore.  
One article I read said they even made special shelters for dogs but the problem with that was they caged stray dogs together and then didn't have the supplies for them.. dogs were not fed properly, vaccinated or 'fixed' and the problem became bigger and some dogs became cannibals. 
I also read that there are many animal rights groups who are catching the dogs and adopting them out to other countries... I hope this happens more.
I feel so bad for these homeless doggies.

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