Friday, December 10, 2010

Belgrade, Serbia

"no not SIBERIA.. SERBIA.."  
(convo with JM)

"hi guys.. where are you now??"
"we are in Serbia!"
"haha ya right.. but seriously where are you?"
(convo with TC)

"home for the month of January.. change of plans... TH signed in Saudi Arabia."
(post on JC wall)

"hope you brought your warm winter jacket!"
(inbox message from LH)

I was very ignorant about Serbia before I came here.  
I thought it may be 3rd world-ish.  
Would I step on a land mine?  
Is it safe?  
I even had to look it up on a map to make sure I knew where it was exactly.

I found it even funnier when I told people where I was going...  Serbia isn't a top tourist destination, people just don;t know about Serbia.

So when we arrived in Belgrade, Serbia... a city with a population of over 2 million people it was a hot +17 C and we were happy to find out that people drive cars, live in houses and apartments and look like us.. hahah
I am happy to be here and to share my experiences with everyone.  Maybe after my Serbian Review.. there will be a couple more tourists from Canada that come to visit this beautiful country and it's VERY beautiful women... the men are alright.

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