Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just a blown up gas line... meh

We were woken up from family nap today by a giant boom that shook the whole building.  
I jumped out and ran to the window and saw people gathering outside and staring up at the building..
Is the building on fire??
Smoke and Steam
I went on the balcony and there was a manhole open with steam shooting out of it and sirens on their way.
Do we need to evacuate??
I made TH go downstairs and get the scoop and I dressed Little A and thought about what do I take if we need to get out..
What would I take?
His food/bottles/water
Heck... I have 6 hockey bags sitting here.. give me 10 minutes and I can pack up everything we own here and be waiting outside the shady elevator.
TH came back to report.. 
"just a blown gas line.. blew the manhole lid off"
Wow.. that was loud.. and thank god nobody was standing on the manhole.
So now 6pm ish.. I just walked in the door from the store to buy dinner, there are 6 men digging up the line in the dark snowy cold.  They are all actually working. 
They also have a bobcat type tractor with a drill.  
So I guess tonight I will be falling alseep to drilling and ding dongs... which is still better than blowing up in a gas line explosion obviously.


  1. I hope they don't hit another gas line, then you will really have a Silent Night!