Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Big Tub

In another lifetime I was probably a mermaid.. and that is where my love for water comes from..
This is the 4th time we have had a Big Tub..
not only is it VERY deep.. but it is also very long.
One of my favorite things to do used to be to fill the tub with the hottest water and then open the windows in the winter.. so it is nice mixture of hot/cold.. then chill out and watch a show on my computer or read a book. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!
Since little A came I haven't been able to do this... not because of the 'no time' factor but more because our house tub in Windsor Park is shallow and short... then in Holland we only had the classic shower on the bathroom wall... where the water goes all over the floor.. gross...
But here..
the tub in giant.. 
You have to flip the hot water switch a couple hours before so that you have hot water but it is worth it.
When it is full it is up to my neck and when I lean back it is sometimes scary because my feet don't touch the end of the tub.. 
I could drown because I am human and not a mermaid.

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