Saturday, December 11, 2010

Church bell.. hell!

Have I mentioned the amazing location of our new apartment in Belgrade??  
It is pretty much prime location right in the centrum.  
Stamped paved walking streets, hundreds of people, patios, great shopping, restaurants and bakeries....... but there is one thing that makes it less than perfect.
The church across the street is old and beautiful  and for some strange reason it's bells ring every hour on the hour, one ding dong for 1:00... 2 ding dongs for 2:00 and so on up to 12 ding dings... 
all night long this continues..
  Not only does it ring every hour on the hour.. it also rings once to let you know that it is 15 minutes past the hour and rings twice to let you know it is half past and then one ding dong again at 15 minutes to the hour.
The first night I thought I had lost my mind at 5am when I got up and warmed a bottle... 
how could this be?? 
then when it rang at quarter after I was like.. 
holy moly this bottle is taking forever to heat up (waiting for water to boil) .. it has been an hour!  But then I saw only 15 minutes.
The craziest part of this is that there is this stupid video game that I wish I could make disappear off TH's computer.  Every now and then he will put in a session at the command center and try to beat this one game he started like years ago and he can't beat. is a medieval times war game and for YEARS I have been falling asleep to the sounds of a church bell and trumpet and the words to declare war on other armies...  
That bells sounds like this bell!
Every time I hear the bell.. I look to see if he is playing that game.. and I get a little mad.

The ding dongs may just drive me to insanity... and if it does...  GOD help TH if he decides to put in a 'session' of that damn game when I am trying to sleep.

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